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  • Il tavern set cresce!!

    Ehy psssst, hai sentito?? E’ appena uscita un’espansione del Set Taverna, io dico che sarebbe bene che tu andassi a dare un’occhiata, non puoi perdertela! 😀 Ed è solo uno dei bellissimi pezzi!!  

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  • Tavern Set expanding!!

    Hey..pssst, did you know ?? The first expansion for the tavern set has just come out … The Night Hawk expands with new beautiful pieces. You have to go and see 🙂 And this is just one of the beautiful pieces!

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  • The MINIWORLDS line is on the website

    Welcome to the site in the news section, as you can see the site is updated with the whole “MINIWORLDS” setting, which you can find and order. As owner of this Italian project acquired two years ago now, it is perfectly modular and can be combined with both the DungeoNext and all the modular sets […]

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