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  • The MINIWORLDS line is on the website

    Welcome to the site in the news section, as you can see the site is updated with the whole “MINIWORLDS” setting, which you can find and order. As owner of this Italian project acquired two years ago now, it is perfectly modular and can be combined with both the DungeoNext and all the modular sets […]

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  • New Set “Tunnels” for the Old Mines

    Nice people, go and see the new set of mines, the TUNNELS !! What are we talking about? Of a series of very large pieces, to recreate intricate corridors, narrow ravines of old abandoned mines, where the passage of adventurers will be difficult. A great addition to improve your setting. These magnificent pieces are ideal […]

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  • The Tavern set has arrived, enter the Nighthawk soon, before all the beer is finished !!

    Do you want to start your best adventure and get to know your mates better, without having to stop by the Nighthawk? This is the best opportunity to put on the table a magnificent modular setting, in resin, and see your miniatures come to life. Run to see in the gallery, the new photos and […]

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