About Us

Ghull’ARTS  is the nickname I do use ever since I created the very first dioramas. It did start as a hobby and I crafted the first ones out of marble and slate (given my job as a marble worker), then out of resin. My passion for RPG games and miniatures pushed me to create original elements based on my idea of adventure and gaming.

It began as a hobby and an experiment in 1996 then from 20015 I started producing modular resin elements entirley handcrafted.

DungeoNext is a project in constant evolution, with new sets and elements being added almost monthly to the collection. What I do try to achieve is to provide the maximum atmosphere and flexibility for each player different needs.

Be ready for new adventures!

If you like what I do, please make sure you do follow my social pages too (see the bar on the side), so to be constantly updated and be able to grow your collection with a huge number of new walls and tiles!