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Good morning everybody! Christmas is almost in the air! Cold has finally come and I don’t have anymore casting problems with the resin and the molds due to the heat. Moreover, I am always more and more motivated in creating new things that will make it into DungeoNext next sets!

What do you guys need? Doors, columns, new walls? Well then, here’s everything, follow me for more details soon!

Here you can see the new column that I will make as usual, with and without tiles. You can use it alone or doubled for a high ceiling effect. Also, sneak a peek at the new wall with triple column.
Now, am I, or am I not doing my best to make you happy? 😉

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New elements – Columns

Here’s a sneak a peek on the first copies of a new modular set by DungeonNext!

New columns, walls with integrated columns, falling walls with wooden beams and wall with magic gate! I really hope you like them, and it’s just the beginning! From now until Christmas there will be several new modules!

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The Door

For all the dungeons lovers, by popular demand, here comes the DOOR! It can be used with any other set and it’s 100% compatible with all the inch/2.5 cm based tiles existing system. It’s not yet ready, a couple of final touches and I will be happy to add it to our catalog!