Bandits Den Set – Fifth Level


A fifth underground level adds to the discovery of this adventure.
A new passage opens the modules to the diagonals and the new walls with reinforcements and enrich the possibilities of compositions.
A mention for a door with an architrave and a door with a bar, which, combined with the previous sets, implement the number of closed rooms!
In addition, ten other basic tiles and some pillars of various shapes to be placed along the passages and at the corners of the crossroads.
There is a nice double piece with an arch where to hide a skilled thief or monsters lurking, in short, a set to be collected absolutely!!


Set components:

4 Corner with passage 4×4
2 Doorway with architrave 4×2
2 Door with reinforcement 2×2
6 Reinforced wall 2×2
2 Wall with arch 4×2
4 Corner pillar
4 New pillar
10 Tiles 2×2

34 total pieces


Each piece is in extra-resistant resin, it is given “unpainted” but you can request the coloring of the set, at an additional cost of 50.00 euros.
Furthermore, a final protective spray will be given, this will make the pieces usable by everyone without fear of ruining their color.


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