The Night Hawk – exp.1


The “tavern” set is expanding!
A new series of walls, to embellish the basic set of The Night Hawk Inn.
It grows with new additions to become a wonderful inn, with curved corners, modular fireplace, windows and a new door worthy of its name!
With these walls, you can play a lot with your imagination and create your favorite tavern or inn.


The whole set includes 22 special elements:

2x modular fireplace with flame
4x curved corners
4x windows walls
2x decorated doors
6x wooden tiles

Each piece is in extra-resistant resin, it is given “unpainted” but you can request the coloring of the set, at an additional cost of 50.00 euros.
Furthermore, a final protective spray will be given, this will make the pieces usable by everyone without fear of ruining their color.


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