Dark Catacombs – Miniworlds


The “Dark Catacombs” Set includes 25 scenic elements to recreate the perfect “ancient catacomb”.

All pieces are constructed in resin, lightweight but very resistant to accidental falls. 

Pieces in the colored set are hand painted, on request expressly at the cost of 45.00 euros

be added to the cost of the set.


8 Floor tiles (2″ x 2″)

4 Corner walls (with pillars)

4 Corner walls (without pillars)

3 Simple walls (with pillars)

3 Simple walls (without pillars)

1 Ruined gate

1 Entrance gate

1 Small door

A classical 1-inch grid effect is achieved through small cracks and lines on the rough catacomb floors. 

Your eyes will notice this lines and “connect the dots”, so you won’t notice any difference from the average grid.

Doors are of two different types, both with the same measure, to be placed in the empty places between one Catacomb room and another
The small doors can be placed under the rectangular stone gate to bar the entry (real catacombs did not have doors but rather used large rocks to close  passages)


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