Dark Catacombs “OSSARIUM” – Miniworlds


What would the catacombs be without bones and niches? With these accessories, meticulously carved, these underground cemeteries become truly DARK. Wonderful to see and play, they are a must have!

Expansion set “Ossarium” consists in 19 extra-durable resin props to embellish your dungeons. 



Set components:

2 Gates, one worn out
1 Small door
2 Stone columns
2 Corner columns
4 Corner shelves, 2 rows of skulls
3 Wall shelves, 3 rows of skulls
3 Wall shelves, 2 rows of skulls
2 Small skull mounds

Every modular piece of this set can be placed within any element of ALL the present and future lines from MiniWorlds or DungeoNext, as to expand your dungeon-building possibilities.

Corner column is designed to enrich empty corners.

Both the wall and corner shelves can stand up by themselves thanks to their relatively large base.

Here you can see some of the infinite combinations possible. I have used ALL the elements composing the “Ossarium” set; as you can see, I have place them on the “Dark Catacombs” set but they could be placed on any future set from MiniWorlds or DungeoNext

Colored version is, as usual, hand-painted with high quality materials and the pieces  set are hand painted,on request expressly at the cost of 40.00 euros be added to the cost of the set.


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