Dark Catacombs “NEFASTUS” Miniworlds




The “Dark Catacombs: Nefastus” Set includes 14 scenic elements to recreate the perfect “Ruined Ancient Catacombs”.
All pieces are constructed in resin, lightweight but very resistant to accidental falls.
The pieces in the colored set are hand made painted,on request expressly at the cost of 30.00 euros
be added to the cost of the set.
2 corner rubble
2 rubble supported by two wooden poles
2 large rubble on the ground
2 small rubble on the ground
2 rubble on the wall with wooden protected
1 small rubble on the ground with wood
1 large rubble on the ground with wood
2 ruined doors
Corner ruins can be placed in the corner pieces of the following Sets:
Dark Catacombs Set and Expansion Set Dark Catacombs: Exitium,
in addition to other options that you can create
Wall ruins with wooden girder are sold unassembled and can be placed in
the wall pieces,without columns, of the Dark Catacombs Set.
Wall ruins with the fence can be placed in the wall pieces
with columns of the Dark Catacombs Set.
Floor ruins can be put toghether to cover a 2″x 2″
inches area and they can lean agaist the wall. 




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