Khrugg’s Hall, the Mad Mage – Sixth Level


There is a story of a strange room down in the dungeon on the lower floors, but still accessible, where strange rituals and many experiments were performed. Few have come down to that level.
The last to have done so returned confused, with their eyes lost in the void. Few were able to return to normal life. If you have the courage to go down there, be careful not to undertake careful explorations on those strange curved walls, run and quickly cross those rooms … one of them would take you where you don’t want to !!


n°4 big curved wall 4×2

n°2 broken wall 2×2

n°8 little curved wall 2×1

n°4 open corner wall 2×2

n°2 magic wall 2×2

n°12 tiles 2×2

n°4 micro tiles 1×1

Tot. pieces 36

With this set, long and small, semi-curved walls are added to the collection to form strange rooms.

Broken walls and the magical portal imprinted in the stone, give this level to explore, new life to the setting.

Remember that the product is created and sold in resin.

Coloring, it is required when ordering. The cost is 50.00 euros


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