The Caves of Icy Death – Starter Set


It’s time to leave the dungeon! While treasures and rewards are running out, our heroes are called towards the great north, and the mystery that surrounds those frozen lands. A supernatural cold is covering the whole land, grasping it in its icy claws. With new transparent resin materials and new colors, Ghull’Arts answers the call of the most demanding players with this unique settings! Several pieces to assemble to create caves and frozen lands, filled with monsters. Will your blood be cold enough and your heart hot enough to visit the Caves of Icy Death?


Set components:

1 Big Tile 4×4 inch
12 Tiles 2×2 inch
12 Simple walls 2×2 inch
4 Curved walls 2×2 inch
4 Diagonal walls 2×2 inch
2 Entrance 4×2 inch
4 Mini ice pillar

39 total pieces

This setting is made of a special transparent resin, which makes the ice effect perfectly, does not need to be painted and is supplied with a base already colored and with snow effect … in a nutshell the set is ready to be played without other steps and no additional cost !!

On request, you can have the FLUORESCENT effect at a cost of 15.00 euros


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