Old Mines: “Railroads”


The “Old Mines: Railroads” Set includes 21 scenic elements to recreate the perfect modular rail for the “abandoned mines”. All pieces are constructed in resin, lightweight but very resistant to accidental falls.


5 Short Railroads ( 2″)
2 Long Railroads ( 4″ )
1 “Stop” Railroads
1 “Start” Railroads
1 “Dead end” Railroads
1 Rotate Switch Railroads
2 Corner Railroads ( 90° )
1 Railroads switch right
1 Railroads switch left
2 Railroads switch levers
2 Mines Carts
1 Elevator with
1 Cabin

Rails have small hook points in order to prevent them
from moving once placed on the Dungeons

The Elevator perfectly fits inside the cabin.

The Rotate Switch Railroads can be rotated 360°

The unpainted “Old Mines: Railroads” Set is identical to the painted one, save for the natural dark brown color or other resin.

The pieces in the colored set are hand painted and Made in Italy, on request expressly at the cost of 40.00 euros be added to the cost of the set.


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