The “Old Mines: Tunnels”


The “Old Mines:Tunnels” Set includes 7 big scenic elements to recreate the perfect “Abandoned Mines Tunnels”.

All pieces are constructed in resin, lightweight but very resistant to accidental falls.

The pieces in the colored set are hand painted and Made in Italy, on request expressly at the cost of 60.00 euros be added to the cost of the set.


1 Tunnel straight ( 4″ )
1 Tunnel straight short ( 2″ )
1 Corner Tunnel “L”
1 Crossroad Tunnel “T”
1 Crossroad Tunnel “X”
2 Blinds Tunnels

Old mines Tunnels Set can hold miniatures and small pieces of scenery.

This Set can’t hold the “Old Mines: Railroads Set


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